Church of Zon-Kuthon

There is no centralized church of Zon-Kuthon, and independent churches are content to cause and revel in the pain and misery they are able to inflict upon their corner of Golarion. As an ordered faith, however, each sect has a clearly-defined hierarchy, based on physical power, endurance, willingness and ability to endure pain, and similar elements related to church practices.

Although there is no temple in korsovsa or even open declaration of this god – it’s clerics may move thorough the city unmolested as long as they behave – the price of religious freedom for the rest of Korvosa.

That being said this cult finds hidden worshipers in many different social circles and casts. “services” are often held in hidden locations that frequent move about, often leaving a very messy evidence of their rituals.


Church of Zon-Kuthon

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