Vencarlo Orisini (NPC)

Sword master

A master swordsmen and frequent courtier. He has close ties with Grau and Cressida, as well as having something of a murky past with Sabina.

He is also apparently a critic of the queen and a harborer of fugitives, having helped smuggle both Trina and her stand in out of the city. He also knows Blackjack of old and claims that he has only been absent the last decade or so due the kings just rule. after Blackjack rescued the false Trina, she ended up in vencarlo’s care

Droskar suspects he IS Blackjack, fitting both the age and having the skill.

And, as usual, Droskar was right.

We were sent to his house in Old Korvosa and although we did not find the old sword master we did find a secret room were the garb and gear of Blackjack were found. As the building was burning by then, and full of Red Mantis assassins we took the gear and fled.

Our latest rumor puts Vencarlo in the hands of either Glorio or Meliya Arkona. After an lengthy than we would have liked visit we managed to free Vencarlo and Neolandus who have now fled the city with us. As we continue on to find answers from the Shoanti Vencarlo and Neolandus head to Janderoff in exile.

Having succeeded in getting not only the heroes but also neolandus out of Korvosa, Vencarlo ensured that the knowledge and tool necessary to defeat the Queen were attainable. Now he has returned to help lead the resistance form with in Korvosa.


Vencarlo Orisini (NPC)

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