Retainers (NPC)

Cohort, followers, and they-who-watch-the-horses


It seems that our heroics and accolades have not gone un-noticed. From Korvosia several members of Droskar’s household have followed us on our journey for knowledge.
Conrad Barrington, ex-Korvosan marine
Gregor Flungpants, carpenter / amateur outdoorsman
Eliza Blackwood, maid /servant
Tupper Bringington, linen draper / Chapman – meet us outside the city and will meet us on the way back

Upon reaching the Cinderlands and besting Krojun in a feat of strength several Shoanti who were there to seek out the wisdom of Thousands Bones pledged themselves to Droskar as well.
Two-Moons, Shoanti warrior (Spire clan)
Black Wind, Shoaint warrior (Spire clan)
Silent Wolf, Shoanti Warrior (Skull clan)


Retainers (NPC)

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