Hippy Druid


Reka is an oddity – a city druid. Growing up on the banks of the Jeggare River though, she simply cannot leave the river to the not-so-tender mercies of the people of Korvosa. She is a champion for the city of Korvosa – not the people, not the buildings, but the land, air, and creatures that give the city life.


Left at an orphanage at the age of 2, all Reka knows of her past is her name. She was always a strange child, and the matron of the orphanage was frightened of her angry stares and the cold that often seemed to follow her. When Reka began speaking to creatures in the river, the matron had had enough and sold Reka to Gaedren Lamm the next time he came around.

She did well enough under his tutelage and learned to hide her strangeness or use it to her advantage. One day, while on the job, the heavens opened and seemed to clean the streets of the human taint, and she grew distracted, forsaking her task to sit at the river side and bask in the clean air. When he found her, he used his fists to communicate his displeasure, but her mind was cleansed by the beating of the rain, allowing her to block out the pain.

He left her there on the river bank where a traveling druid found her, drawn to the spot by the cleaner air. He was able to help Reka get back on her feet and set her on the path of the druid. He asked her to leave Korvosa with him, but she was unwilling to leave the city when so few truly understood the power of nature, especially the storm spirits that continually tried to wipe the city clean.


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