Laori Vaus (NPC)

Priestess, sadist, Art lover, curate of the tower


Laori is a Forlorn Elf in the service of Zon-Kuthon. Laori displays her allegiance to Zon-Kuthon openly in her choice of weapon and armor (a spiked chain and hook-studded chainmail), yet her demeanor and attitude are anything but grim. Laori is chronically cheerful, always brimming with delight and quick to laugh, making her somewhat unsettling to be around.

Helpful and merciless in combat she delight in all aspects of life and embraces the saying of her god " Pain is Pleasure"

Found in the company of Sial, there is clear tension between the two as their is a clear difference to the way they express their veneration of the midnight lord.

After a tense sortie though Scarwall it came to blows with the party choosing sides. Karn and Reka sided with Laori, while Eldwulf sided with Sial. Unfortunately for some Laori was quickly subdued by Eldwulf and begged for mercy form the daemon of Scarwall who, in return for saving her, named her Curate of the Scarewall; A position that imbues the holder immortality and confines them to the tower. Laori was unhappy and we are no longer welcome there. Karne was blinded in the melee.


Laori Vaus (NPC)

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