Grau Soldado (NPC)

Gaurdsmen, one time hero


A guardsmen that at on point held a great deal of regard, now just a broken drunk. friends with Aidian.

He seems to be recovered and is once again commanded the respect of the watch. he helped secure the real Trina during her persecution.

He recently asked for our help with his niece who had fallen sick. we merely paid a priest to help her.

We have not seen him in a while – with all that is going on it is equally likely that he is already dead, drunk again, or in hiding with Croft waiting to become a hero once again.

Upon returning to the city we found that not only is he not dead or drunk but one of the most trusted members of the resistance and that he has been entrusted as out contact to Kroft.


Grau Soldado (NPC)

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