Cressida Croft (NPC)

Filed marshal of the Korvosan Guard, rebel leader


The field marshal of the guard and our primary contact with in the citadel. She has gone out of her way to see us comfortable but also used us on dangerous mission that need expendable and deniable operatives. So far she seems to be most interested in restoring order but has been getting involved in solving the kings murder now.

With the dismantling of the guard, the removal of the marines, the retreating of the both the Hell Knights and the magus’ of the academy, there is little left form Croft to do but wait and bide her time hoping for a opportunity to help free Korvosa from it’s current state or tyranny.

With the disbanding of the guard and the clear intent of the Queen to rule as an absolute dictator Koft has become a leading member of the underground resistance.


Cressida Croft (NPC)

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