Blackjack (NPC)

People's hero, Vigilante


The folk hero from the past newly arisen to help avenge the innocent? or merely a copy cat out to discredit the queen to the delight of foreign powers, noble houses, and criminals with large appetites – the ambitious of all color.

Extremely skilled with a blade and a daring acrobat, this man of mystery will no doubt be seen again.

After saving the false Trina he turned her over to Vencarlo – is there some relationship there? or something closer?

Although later events would prove him to be Vencarlo, Aurbon was forced to assume the identity of the legendary hero in order to protect Vencarlo’s secret and restore order to the city in Vencarlo’s absents.

Although currently a member of the resistance he helps more by ensuring the safety of the leadership then with directly fighting iliosa’ s forces.

He was being “replaced” by the “new hero of Korvosa” however this turned out to be a straw-man of the queen, as Kresenda expected, and a dijin, which she did not.


Blackjack (NPC)

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