Black Moon Stands-Against-the-Tide

Chosen of the Shoanti, Herald of Doom, Warpriest


Black Moon is the descendant of Red Jaw who fought to bring Kazavon down and was tasked to hide and protect the fangs of the great wyrme.

During his manhood rite there was an unexpected solar eclipse (known to the Shoanti as a black moon) and during this ill-omened celestial event the sweat lodge was attack by teeming hordes of sand worms. Many of the other young men fled as did some of the elders guiding the test, but not Black Moon. He stood firm and faced the hoard, killing until his earth breaker shattered and although bloodies he was not defeated, he wrestled a vicious sand worm until his grip was firm and then, waving it over his head, he used the beast as a flail until finally the swarm faltered and dove into the sands. This is why they call him “stands against the tide”

Knowing he was to one day replace his grandfather as a sun shaman and kept the lore of midnight’s fang as well as the sacred responsibility to keep the horde artifact locked away safety he felt obligated to know what had become to those that dwelt above it. After his naming ceremony but before he was tattooed he journeyed to distain Korvosa and joined the guard – there he learned about the people, the city, and how difficult it would be for his people to ever retake the great pyramid. – to this day he carries the mail and sword of the hated Tshemik , for he learned how to fit in their style and where their metal skin as well.

Last seen under the dread fortress Scarwall, he held the fiend of Zon-Kuthon at bay while the others used a scroll of shadow walk to escape. It was hoped that Sial would be able to take Black moon into the Shadow plan as well. His fate is presently unknown.


Black Moon Stands-Against-the-Tide

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