Aubron the Grey

Charming Rogue, Shadowdancer, Balckjack


Aubron has the good looks and pale skin of his elven heritage as well as the quick fingers and dark, silken hair of his varisian parentage. An outcast his whole life he is used to putting people at ease and is always found with a smile or a jest on his lips. As he matured he found his mysterious looks along with his natural grace and easy going nature got him into to as many doors as his quick feet and love of climbing did, only the young ladies who often opened doors for him seemed more… grateful. With a taste for fine cloths and well tooled leather, preferably in black, Aubron looks every inch the charming rouge, until he is seen plunging his dagger into a man’s spine before the unfortunate sod even knew he was there. Then he is just death


Aubron, a half varisian, half elven street kid who grew up not knowing his father but knowing his mother was taken care of. So his father was an elf of some means but was embarrassed to have fathered child with a gypsy? Growing up that way leads to rebellious youth and trouble. Things became even harder when his mother throw him out; it seems his behavior did not sit well with her or her new man. Last he herd they were still happy together and had two children of thier own. The drugs and drinking got worse and without mystery daddy’s support soon the money ran out.
With a habit to support and no legitimate means to support it Aubron became a petty criminal, mugging, breaking & entering, whatever he could get away with as long as it was enough to get him high for one more night. After a few short years of this Aubron had enough and was ready end it all. He had tried to shake the shiver habit but knew he just had no reason to fight, no reason to live. He saved up what he could and decided to go out in a wave of euphoria, stopping by late one night to Gaedren’s to pick up his oversized dose he found his strength. He had always believed that the drugs were his father’s fault for abounding him, but when he walked in that night he saw his younger half-brother; sunken eyes, hallow cheeks, sweating despite the warm night, all the signs of an addict. The boy had a loving family, everything that he did not but still here he was in the same trap that had taken everything from Aubron. It was then that he saw Geadren for the scum he was. He tried to end Geadren’s life there but was in no shape to take him and his guards. Before he was beaten unconscious he saw his half-brother running away terrified – good.
Surprised to even wake up and feeling like he had more broken bones then whole ones, he had little choice but to take the charity of others and find succor in a local hospice. It took him weeks to recover to the point he could even walk. The pains of withdrawal masked by his other injuries, he found by years end he was as able as he had even been but no longer had to turn to the shiver to sleep at night. And now that he was better he would see to it that other could as well by eliminating his source of their drug, Geadren.

After a harrowing time searching for a cause, it seemed that he had found one with this party and sought to bring light to a darkened world despite his own deepening connection with the shadows. Upon the first visit to the shadow plane he disappeared.

Aubron the Grey

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