Curse of the Crimson Throne

There's No Place Like Home... (Reka)

I am home, finally home. While Queen Ileosa has done an admirable job of lessening the population stress on the area, there is an unnatural taint to the air, so I’m pretty sure she’s not doing it for the environment. I’m worried because the river has not even greeted me, and we have been back for days. If she’s permanently harmed Jeggare, I’ll turn into a ferret and eat her face.

The group seems to be a never-ending parade of adventurers. Not only have we lost Aubron and Droskar, but now Sial, Laori, and Blackmoon. We seem to have acquired a very enthusiastic young woman who stands out even more than I do! Probably because she’s so very shiny… and loud. As soon as we were able to get into the city, we made our way to the Grey to meet with our contacts in the Resistance. It was good to see Kressida, Neolandus, and Vencarlo again, but man were they downers with all that bad news, not to mention the giant list of things we’re expected to accomplish!

I mean, we managed to check one thing off, exposing that fraud Blackjack-wannabe for what he is (a genie?!). Still, I don’t know how we’re going to break into the palace to get at the fraud seneschal and Sabine (who Kressida thinks needs to die, despite what Vencarlo and Neolandus believe). Well, I know how I would break in, easily, but with Edelwulf and that Amelia in the group, the rest of the party doesn’t stand a chance [of sneaking in- ed].


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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