Curse of the Crimson Throne

Sand Storms, Seething Shoggoth , and Secret Spheres (Droskar)

The journey across the Cinderlands was harsh but no more than expected. Our supplies held and Silent Wolf and Gregor brought in a little game some days. Eliza was a better cook that expected and Droskar and Two Moons told tales of the Shoanti at night (or Eliza sang). In the end we arrived at the acropolis well rested but just ahead of a fierce sand storm. Taking shelter in the mouth of the ancient edifice our retainers made camp while we sought the mark of Desna.

We found that the ruins were in fact Thessalonian far predating Korvosa or the Shoanti. And it seemed to have a pest problem – Krojun followed us but seemed to mean no harm, being trapped by the same storm we were sheltering from. He also meant us no aid and did not help when we were once again set upon by the red mantis assassins – whether they were here, waiting in ambush for us, or followed us in un-noticed somehow we will never know as they all fell in battle.

Exploring the depths of the crypt we found active magics despite the passage of eons. Finally, a large sphere carved in the likeness of the land expanded our thoughts and gave us great sprit visions (except Eldwulf who’s lack of spirt was shown to all). Upon returning to the mundane world those of us that were found worthy were marked by the goddess. Our task complete we wait only on the storm to break so that we may proceed.

The final personage to appear to us in this apparently teeming ruin was a worshiper of Zon-Kuthon with his bound …furry? In any case he requested that we stay in his magical fortress of bones and that he be permitted to follow us to " observe" our deeds. We politely declined on both offers but agreed to meet him when we return to Korvosa.

Oh, and Aubron awoke a terrible elder thing not of this world within the black depths of the penis pools.



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