Curse of the Crimson Throne

A night out (Karne)

Karne returns to the temple of Irori

Leaving the room was simple, Irori had granted me the wisdom to see the way to walk between worlds by focusing my ki. With a moment’s concentration, I was on the roof, hiding in the shadows. The others slept below me, and even though Edulwulf’s senses were keen (when he wasn’t raging) but I could move silently when I chose; wrapped feet made far less clatter than boots along the tiled rooftops. I planned to be back before dawn, but just in case things went poorly, I left a note with my destination. Irori admonishes pride before wisdom. With luck, they would never know I was gone. Scanning the sky overhead for danger, I was once again almost overwhelmed by the multitudes of colors and shapes since my vision had returned. I had learned to deal with the setback, as any loyal servant of Irori would, but I was glad to have my sight back. Satisfied that I was not about to be swarmed by angry imps, I I moved through the midnight gloom and leapt down to the street below. Pulling my robe closed, I ventured out onto the streets. Just another peasant.

This city was…changed. A cancerous blight had grown over my home. The riots were bad, an illness of the mind; the blood plague was worse, an illness of the body; but this was the decimation of Korvosa’s very soul. The Grey Maidens patrolled the streets, but these humans had torches which ruined what passed for their pitiful night vision. Ducking into doorways or hiding on rooftops was easy enough. Cautiously, I made my way back to the temple district. I had to know. If things were….bad…I did not want the others to see. Comrades in arms, I would give my life for them, but this was a matter of the faith.

In the temple district, I passed many boarded up buildings, temporary fortifications against the storm. Apparently, some churches had tried to wall themselves in, turning inward as the tragedy loomed around them. Some churches had tried to protect the weak, I could see their skeletal remains as the weak and terrified had stripped them of their resources. Their pious images defaced; their shrines, toppled. These were desperate people. They needed our help. There were a few two legged scavengers about. People willing to prey on the weak and the lost. The crackle of lightning around my fists scattered them into the sewers like the rats they were. Even alone, I was far too much trouble for the likes of them and they knew it. They would wait for much easier prey.

Finally, I came upon the home of Irori. There had been no hiding here. There had been no overrun by the needy. This had been a battle! Glorious battle was met here! The priests of may have Irori fallen in honorable combat, but they made the bastards work for it. Discarded pieces of armor were strewn about the disarray of floor; cracked helmets, broken swords, discarded arrows, stray pieces of plate mail. This was not the doing of the rabble Grey Maidens. Surely, this was some of the Devil Queen’s own guard at work here. Sabina’s personal warriors had a play in this. They saw righteous resistance and they attempted to stamp it out with overwhelming force of arms. The people of Irori would not sit idly as this menace overtook the city. They had spoken right and true! They had died for their righteousness. But, they had died with their spirits intact.

Wiping away eyes suddenly wet with tears, I turned and there, on the back of the door, fresh paint with the open palm. Some of them had made it! The faith had not been extinguished by the monstrous Queen and her devils! There were fighters left. Not here, probably scattered throughout the populace. Like me, they would be fighting. I will go back to my friends. I will play whatever part that Irori had made for me in this conflict. I was elevated from the street urchins for a reason. Irori had seen purpose in me. Now, it was my turn to repay Korvosa for saving my life. Placing my hand within the symbol, I made a silent prayer.

In the darkness, a thrown dagger barely missed my bowed head. Sensing my distraction, the scavengers had returned. Perhaps they think to find me overcome with despair. Instead, they find me filled with indignant purpose! These street rats will trouble no others in this city.


rapieranddagger SinisterIII

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