The immense gothic fortress of Scarwall is located in the far-eastern reaches of the Kodar Mountains within the Hold of Belkzen.

Built by the warlord Kazavon in 4043 AR, the site was selected primarily due to the presence of an ancient Star Tower and its divine connection to the Midnight Lord.

Kazavon used the citadel first as a staging point to ‘tame’ the orc lands, then as a beacon to attract the orcs, and any others, to his banner. He thus reigned over his dominion for approximately 20 years, defeating all armies that were sent against him. Kazavon was eventually slain in 4063 AR by a small band led by the hero Mandraivus, who uncovered his draconic secret. Mandraivus stayed behind with several retainers to guard the castle. Sadly, an overwhelming orc force laid siege to Scarwall, putting the inhabitants to the sword.

The fabled sword, Sitheral, has not been seen by mortals since and may well still rest within castle Scarwall.



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