Zellara (NPC)

Fortune teller, Ghost


First meet when she used her magic Harrow deck to arrange a meeting with the party and then arrange that we should find that man that had not only wronged her but all of us, we believed her to be nothing more than a simple gypsy fortune teller looking for revenge for her son. Shortly after it was revealed, when her head, many weeks dead, was discovered, that she was no longer of this mortal coil. Thinking that her spirit would be laid to rest with her and her son’s murder avenged and her body laid at peace, we could not have foreseen what was to come.

Apparently the discord of the city she so loved has keep her spirit from moving on and she now guilds us from beyond the knell of life, pushing us even on so that she, and this city, might once again know peace.


Zellara was a Varisian fortune-teller who lived in the Midland district of the Varisian city of Korvosa. She was killed by the criminal Gaedren Lamm when she tried to investigate the disappearance of her son Eran, who had also been killed by the gang leader. In death, her spirit fused with her harrow deck, keeping her locked to the Material Plane until her death could be avenged

Zellara (NPC)

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