The Emporor of Old Korvosa - DEAD (NPC)

false monarch, thug lord, mesmerizer


Crazed. Was an ugly man before he got the Blood Veil. Now covered with blotches and scabs.

We first heard rumors of this disgusting little man while searching Old Korvosa for Vencarlo. As the trail lead to his “court” we followed and paid homage despite the state of the place and the fact that he had goon squads terrorizing the already beleaguered city.

When it became clear that he did not have Vencarlo or information on his whereabouts, and was unwilling to release Salvatore, his rein had to end. Although he posses a preternatural charm and seemed to be able to mesmerize some with the sound of his voice it did not work on us. He ran and got away for a time but he was tracked and ran aground. His head was brought as a peace offering to Glorio Arkona on be half of Meliya.


The Emporor of Old Korvosa - DEAD (NPC)

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