Shadow Count Sial

Priest of Zon-Kuthon, noble


A minor noble from distant Nidal ( a country with Zon-Kuthon as it’s primary patron), has has pursued us for some time and only recently reviled his true purpose.

When a priestess of Zon- Kuthon residing in Korvosa noticed strange activities she followed leads and her intuition to uncover the truth. In doing so Laori has crossed paths with our party in the past but what she learned she did not share. Upon confirming her suspicion by interrogating Salvtore she confirmed that it was in fact a lost artifact of Zon-Kuthon causing the current misfortune of Korvosa but such uncontrolled chaos is not in their scripture and she quickly contacted other to recover the artifact – Nidal sent Sial.

Having the mutual goal of removing the crown of fangs, and Kazavon’ influence from the queen, he has offered an alliance: he will share his knowledge and help where he can with whatever servants of Zon-Kuthon remain and in return we will wield the legendary sword Sitheral, with is anthama to his god but necessary for the task at hand.

Last seen under the haunted halls of Scarwall his current status and whereabouts are unknown.

Human with clear elvan heritage, his noble bearing is apparent bordering on arrogant. opulently dressed and never seen with out his chain devil companion Asyra.


Shadow Count Sial

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