Rolth - DEAD (NPC)



A mysterious necromancer the party has been intertwined with.

We raided one of his lairs to recover the body of a shoanti chieftain’s son and later encounters one of his followers after she had slaughters a house full of nobles with an especially virulent version of the blood Veil; which she had done to test for survivors, the only one of whom she turned over to Rolf and what appeared to be Grey Maidens prior to our intervention.

his Harlequin assistant apparently took her own life and was transformed into an undead with in her cell before being finally put down by the city guard.

He was encountered directly for the first time in the temple of the Pallid Princess, where he quickly made his escape and left Dr Davaulus to fend for himself. His notes seem to indicate that he and Dr Davaulus had worked for some time together to create an ever more vicious plague to unleash on our fair city.


little is know of him other than he is a powerful necromancer.

And never will be as after escaping justice for his part in the Blood Veil plague he returned for revenge against the heroes who stopped his madness. this would prove to be a fatal mistake; the normally passive Adian took it upon him self to transport the befuddled necromancer hundreds of feet above street level and let him go. messy

Rolth - DEAD (NPC)

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