Ileosa Arabasti (NPC)

Queen of Korvosa


Queen of the recently fallen king – she has been accused of many things including numerous affairs and the murder of her husband.

Most recently, rumors emerged from the throne that the king’s murderer was a young woman he was having an affair with. Although we were able to capture Trina, we did not believe in her guilt and had her secured for her own protection. A trial was held and she was convicted, however they did not have the real Trina, merely a look -a like. Did the queen know of this or is she too a pawn ?


….AND then she got shoot in the head point at point blank range, lifted her assailant off the ground with one hand and killed him. before ordering her grey maidens to close the city, isolate old Korvosa, and one assumes laugh evilly to herself.

so um yeah, I guess that clears up whether she is a good queen or an evil demon queen huh?

And the plot thickens ! in all likelihood the queen has unwittingly unreleased the spirit of the ancient dragon Kazavon and may well be possessed by him. Weather she can be saved or is even deserving of it remains to be seen.

Ileosa Arabasti (NPC)

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