Ishani Djatri (NPC)

Clerk-Priest of Abadar


A Vudran man of about 30 with dark hair and kindly brown eyes, dressed in the white and gold robes of Abadar, A low-ranking priest of Abadar, Ishani tried to treat the sickly Brienna Soldado (Grau’s niece) without violating his order’s tenets to charge for magical healing.

Unfortunately, his herbal skills were unable to overcome the mysterious disease gripping the child and Droskar was forced to provide the needed funds to save her.

Ishani subsequently coordinated with the party in their efforts to combat the Blood Veil.

His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Ishani tends to be more generous towards the less fortunate than Abadaran doctrine typically approves of, which may explain why he remains such a low-ranked cleric in the Bank.

Ishani Djatri (NPC)

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