Erie Yelloweyes (NPC)

wererat elder


A mousy elderly woman with a stooped back and jaundiced eyes, Erie Yelloweyes operates a ratty little stall on the fringes of the Gold Market, selling an eclectic assortment of “secondhand” items.


Eries Yelloweyes has lived in secret as a wererat for more than 50 years and is one of the oldest lycanthopes in the city. She’s seen much suffering in her time, including devastating government-directed rat-purges, a return of which she fears Girrigz’s warmongering ways could quickly incite. Her efforts to talk sense to the violent wererat and his gang having failed, Eries hears of the the PCs through her contacts in the Korvosan Guard and approaches them in her human form for help.

It is likely that with the Grey Maidens collecting blood the were rats of Korvosa have gone underground fearing they are the targets of this latest atrocity.

Erie Yelloweyes (NPC)

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