Hero of the People, Black Dragon Disciple


A stranger in a strange land, Droskar is now with out his master but far from with out purpose. Polite and cerebral, never the less he is ruthless in his goal of obtaining power and restoring the place of the shoanti with him as their leader. Patient, he knows this goal will not come quickly and will not happen with out powerful allies, leverage on those in power, and development of his own inner power.


shoanti by birth, my people have suffered long at the hands of outsides. Pushed from our homes among the foothills and heights of the Mindspin Mountains by Cheliax invaders, the Shiikirri-Quah (The Hawk Clan) finally settled in the Ashwood and the plains before the Sanos forest. There to be raided by orc, man, and beast alike until that summer night when the men came to steal the women and children.
I must have been of little worth as I was sent to die in the pits for the enjoyment of the high riders standing above. My first fight was meant to be my last; I knew only fear. In my panic I manifested a splattering of magic that caught my would-be killer in the eyes. This served only to enrage him as he charged. I knew I was dead as I held my rusted blade up feebly and closed my eyes. Fear saved me. I was cowering down and the brute swung too high. Somehow he managed to impale himself on my blade.
My owners beat me for the money they lost betting against me. They would have killed me but a dark skinned man brought me. He took me to Korvosa as property and here I have stayed.
Over the years I learned much but trusted little. My master was not a harsh man but he had seen my potential and forced me to develop it. He was an instructor at the Academy and I was keep as a servant. Resentfully I served and I learned that I had magic in my muddy, mixed blood, but why I did not learn until this year.
One night my master took me into the wilds where we met a Shoanti war party. I felt the fear return at the sight of these men, warriors and murders all. They took us into the mountains and there told me great stories of my people and lead me on a sprit quest. I spoke to an ancient wrym that told me of my destiny, I have walked among the tshamek but I was to return to my people and keep them safe. I learned of the power in all things and that when I had enough power I would stand over my people and crush those who would harm us. When I awoke the few men that remained were departing in the gloomy light and I felt as if my entire back and been flayed. The mark of my spirt guild my master told me.
My master was once called Kaddok of the Lyrune-Quah and he too had lived in shame far from his people. Through me he would help our people find peace. I re-devoted myself to study and serving my master. He would teach me as well as take me outside the gates of the Academy and into the city that he may show me it’s ways, it’s evil, and it’s power. I learned of my own history, of my magic, and of how the high nobility and the shadowy figures who ruled the dark streets of Korvosa were the ones with power.
It was almost week ago when my master had me watching the dealing of the underworld in a tavern, although no one else seemed to notice. When I returned to the Academy that night I found he had not yet returned. This was not usual and a familiar tingle worked up my spine as I sprinted off into the night to find him. Dawn had already woken much of the city when I found my master’s body in an ally. Fear turned to anger, and anger turned to hate. In one night I had lost my master and with him my home, my way of life, and my path. Fate had decided that my tutelage was over and my time to come to power would start with my wraith raining down upon my master’s murder.

After a long journey of vengeance and discovery Droskar parted ways with his fellows to pursue an alternate approach to the removal of queen Iliosa. One that involved the Shoanti reclaiming all of korvosa by force.


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