Deyanira Mirukova (NPC)

Musician, Varisian


She came to the citadel looking for help but the guards had no one to spare to look for a wayward musician and certainly were not going to knock on a nobleman’s door looking for one. They were however willing to point the party out as the kind of men who would do such things.

With Ruan safely recovered she rewarded us with season tickets to the concert hall where we can catch all of Raun’s Ocarina playing – yeah!


A young Varisian woman with a beautiful voice, she is the sister of Ruan. They live together in a modest apartment off Overton Way, not far from the Marbledome where Deyanira works as a chorus girl and Ruan plays ocarina in the orchestra. Although her voice is quite good he is the real star being Korvosa’s preeminent Ocarina player

Deyanira Mirukova (NPC)

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