Cleric, Paladin of Iomedae, Anime


Bright eyed and battle hardened, Amelia is a noble born woman who developed a love and admiration for the idea of the courageous and righteous adventurer early in life. She longed to become a hero of truth and justice, to protect the innocent and stand steadfast against the forces of evil. Her father hired private tutors and retired adventurers so she could pursue her passion in a safe environment, so long as she agreed to also complete courses in higher education in case the adventuring thing did work out. Her sheltered upbringing did not so much prepare her for the real life nuts and bolts of the adventuring life, since those parts never made it into any of the stories or songs. But undeterred and perhaps willfully ignorant of the grim reality of what is essentially murder for hire, she joined the order of Iomedae and became a priestess and paladin, an avenging angel of holy wrath. Armed with her trusty merciful longsword “Sinners Mercy” she travels the land striking heroic poses and delivering rousing monologues as she does battle with the powers of darkness.She currently seeks to smite the ever-loving fuck out of the minions of Zon-Kuthon for what shes pretty sure is their involvement in the recent blight afflicting Korvosa.



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