Curse of the Crimson Throne


Seriously... the worst.

While I welcome the chance to fight alongside my companions again, I fear for the safety of Jeggare, and feel a sense of urgency to finish this and return to Korvosa. Together though, I believed we could defeat the blight of evil and rescue our fair city.

Unfortunately, I had not accounted for the blight to be quite so… blight-y.

From our first steps into the Scarwall, across the bridge, we were set upon by an army of undead. Corpses marched across, led by an even stronger undead, mounted upon what must have in its day been a magnificent horse, though it was constrained under the yoke of oppression. The skeletons were faster and stronger than we expected, quickly surrounding Karne, Edelwulf, and Black Moon. My spells, while appearing to work, had little effect. I worry that it is the miasma of undeath that pervades this place, perverting the natural order of things and weakening my magic. Honestly though, the creepy dude seemed to have little luck, and even Edelwulf wasn’t able to hit enough of them to contain the onslaught, driven forward by their infernal leader. It was only through judicial channeling of his god that Black Moon was able to kill the majority of the undead while the rest of us attempted to unhorse the leader. It wasn’t until Karne was able to knock the lance from his hand that we were able to subdue him and release the poor horse from its unnatural life.

From there it was a frantic run through what seemed a killing chute – running through corridors full of arrow slits as Edelwulf, Karne, and Black Moon attempted to break down or lift door after portcullis after door.

When we finally made our way out of the killing chute, we entered a room of death. It was full of corpses – fleshy, recent corpses – though those corpses bore a layer of dust. Extremely unsettling, the others began to note that the corpses were moving! Before I could get a sense of what was happening, the pile of corpses reached out and grabbed both me and Black Moon and began dragging us in, apparently to consume us and add us to the pile. It was disgusting, anathema to everything I am. I did the only thing I could think to do, and call upon the power of nature to grant me the form of a fire elemental. The corpse pile did not like that, but it was not as damaging to it as I had hoped. It was a near thing, but we managed to kill (? again?) the pile and escape the room.

This whole place needs to be set on fire and cleansed by a storm.


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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