Curse of the Crimson Throne

Shoanti legend (DM)

Hundreds of years ago, a Shonti warrior returned from a great battle with a relic of evil. The foe, a dragon, would not die, even when struck down by a holy sword and burned in a pyre for days. The bones of this beast rattled on with a vile life still. There were split up and taken to the ends of the earth so that they could never be reunited again. The Shoanti were trusted with the fangs of the great serpent. Taking them to the southern tip of their land and entombing them in a great pyramid that rose on the shore since time immemorial, the broken fangs were interned for all time. Or so it was thought. 500 years ago the Cheliax came from across the sea and with conquest in their eyes and bloody thoughts in mind; they seized the lands from the Shoanti and raised the city of Korvosa on the very spot – constructing their seat of power, castle Korvosa, atop the ziggurat. The Shoanti failed to take back their sacred place and feared the day would come when the evil with in would be unearthed. That day has come now, unleashed by the Queen Ileosa of Korvosa.

To Belkzen we must now travel, to find the citadel of Scarwall and hopeful the sword Sitheral, that we may cut the crown of fangs from the queen and stop this doom before it spreads.


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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