Curse of the Crimson Throne

I Grow Tired of Death and Pain... (Eldwulf)

Once again…the dead rise…

The pile of bones in the corner…another tormented creature. This castle is never ending both in size and the magnitude of its evil. Every room stinks of rot and death…and nothing….nothing is as it seems.

Karne made the mistake of moving too close to an oven…only to have the entire room engulfed in flames…

We go up a set of stairs and we are met by skeletal Minotaurs…and at least these creatures are solid…my blade and flail can strike something real…the apparitions, specters, ghosts of the dead are on every hallway, in every corner, and constantly watching us…always watching…

Aidan is visibly shaken, it would appear that his magic has little effect here. Aubron has been lost to the shadow realm…and now…NOW while we are knee deep in bones, and ghasts, and ghouls…it appears that Sial does not trust Laori and she does not trust him.

Sial says Laori is a traitor…so he confided with me, Karne said Laori confided in her and told her as much about Sial…so perhaps…perhaps there will be more new corpses in this tomb of the dead before we make our way back to Korvosa.

And as we trudge forward, still the image of my daughter haunts me…I continue to see her…once again I heard the cry of that little girl…I knew it could not be her…but she seemed to be in so much pain…never ending pain…I fought my desire to go into that room, I fought the desire to rush in and save her…I knew better…but I could not help myself…I had to help her.

Again…another pile of bones…another tormented soul…I grow tired of this pain and death!


rapieranddagger rapieranddagger

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