Curse of the Crimson Throne

A night out (Adian)

On a dark and stormy night, a group of adventurers gather at the edge of the city, set upon their grave task: gain entry to Castle Korvosa and deal with the evil queen Ileosa, one way or the other. At their helm, the masterful and brilliant wizard Aidan, master of divination, speaker of truths. There were some other people too. At his mighty word, the merry group takes flight and soars through the night. With sniper-like precision, Aidan directs them toward castle and through a likely window. They have arrived in the commode, just as planned.

One of the party (a buxom lass, if memory serves) casts silence, ruining nearly all of Aiden’s powerful arsenal. He is unconcerned, however, and with great presence of mind, steps out of the sphere of silence to speak potent magic to the loo. With his arcane sight, he sees many magical wards that would be a hindrance to lesser practitioners. Under cover of silence, the band saunters toward the location where the queen is expected. Upon storming the room, Aiden sees the powerful enchantments on the crown and directs his allies to attack. The queen, rendered impotent by silence, succumbs quickly to death. But ho, the crown is no longer enchanted! Aiden knew, of course. He was merely kidding with his friends for their amusement.

Getting back to the task at hand, Aiden casts a remote viewing spell to investigate the castle, without which the group would surely be lost. No mere mortal would have been able withstand the onslaught of demonic debasement on view within these walls, but Aiden soldiered on, finally locating theseneschal. Back to his body, Aiden directs the group forward. They deal quickly with some brainwashed women and mean dogs, after which they move toward the seneschal, again with incredible precision. Upon bursting in the door, they begin to attack the pathetic and fetid fool. However, this fool is more powerful than he appears, and with a prismatic spray, turns Reka into stone, and with an incredible amount of luck, casts Aidan into the ethereal plane. While the rest of the group continue to fight, Aidan takes stock of his situation and sees a Bdellavritra in the room with him. Knowing of course, the amount of chaos such a creature can inflict, Aidan wisely chooses to strategically retreat back to the material plane. While the rest of the group keeps attacking the poor sap, the Bdellavritra shifts to this plane, clearly wanting a challenge against Aidan. With a whip of his luxurious hair, a piercing gaze, and a simple phrase, he commands the foul demon to BE GONE. And of course, it is. The seneschal is then released from the thrall and cowers, as expected. Aidan, the entire time fully confident that his dismissal would succeed, merely remarks on a job well done. Upon learning where the queen has nested with her foul minions, the group plans to move locales to somewhere a bit more.. hellish.


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